Learn skills and develop skills! Saina's full-color 3D printing technology appeared in the first vocational skills competition in Guangdong Province

  • Public:2020/11/11
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On July 15th, the sixth "World Youth Skills Day", "Guangdong Technicians" sounded the assembly call. In the afternoon of the same day, the first Guangdong Province Vocational Skills Competition officially kicked off. The main venue of the opening ceremony of the competition is located in Guangdong Mechanical Technician College. The 21 prefectures and cities of the province will watch the opening ceremony through live webcast.

There are a total of 142 competitions in this competition, which not only include industrial robot system operation, elderly care, public weather services and other industry-wide enterprise vocational skills competitions, but also include the 46th World Skills Competition and the National Industry Vocational Skills Competition. All competition events, most of which belong to the fields of advanced manufacturing, high-tech industries and modern service industries, are highly compatible with Guangdong industries.


According to reports, the competition has attracted a number of key enterprises and leading companies such as Guangzhou Automobile, China General Nuclear Power Corporation, Gree, and Saina to actively participate. , The provincial vocational skills competition with the widest coverage and the highest social participation.

Chen Yiwei, Director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, inspected and guided



On the opening day of the competition, Director Chen Yiwei, Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province, and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, came to Sina full-color 3D printing site for inspection and exchanges. Feng Weiyuan, Director of Guangdong Mechanical Technician College, Director Li Shubao and Director of Zhuhai Sina 3D Yao Hongchang Introduced and exchanged.



Guangdong Province Mechanical Technician College held the Guangdong Province Trial for the 46th World Skills Competition CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Manufacturing Team Challenge, Comprehensive Machinery and Automation, and Plastic Mold Engineering. "Mold design and manufacturing is an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country." Li Ketian, the chief judge of the plastic mold project, said that due to its strong manufacturing foundation, Guangdong’s development in the field of molds has been the first in the country, but still Looking forward to more young people joining. "Mastering the process and characteristics of molds cannot be achieved overnight. It requires young people to sink their hearts and constantly temper their skills."


Sailner material jet color multi-material 3D printing technology

 It is reported that the winners of the competition are expected to represent Guangdong Province in the first vocational skills competition of the People’s Republic of China to be held in Guangzhou in December this year.

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